Great Uncle Bimbo Remembers #1

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Robbs Department Store situated opposite Pykes and the Army & Navy Stores.

Everyone else seems to be using their first post to introduce themselves to this here interweb thing, but I hate talking about myself, so I will break the tradition and get on with my first post. However, I suppose I better quickly tell you that I am Bimbo and as you can no doubt tell from my photo, I am not a bona-fide Renault Bear. I am in fact a Chilton Bear but I have been made an honorary Renault Bear by the other Renault Bears. That is because they consider me to be their Great Uncle because I am old and wise. I grew up with The Bearkeeper and remember many things from years and years ago. That is usually what I write my posts about. Anything else about me you will no doubt pick up as we move along.