Goshi The Panther

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Yesterday, Erik told us how he has a hobby of collecting old photographs and laid claim to the subject of photography here on our blog. Today, I thought I would come and claim it back – he is not the only bear who likes looking at photographs. However, I prefer wildlife photography to old photographs like Erik. So today, I thought I would tell you a story that our bearkeeper told me a few years ago. He had been for a visit to Chester Zoo and bumped into what he called the most impressive animal he had ever seen in the flesh.

Our Favourite Websites #1

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What is your favourite website? Which site do you use the most and does it do the job you really want it to perform? That is what this new series of posts is all about – our favourite websites. Tim Berners-Lee published the first ever website in 1991 and there must be billions more that have come and gone – or even remained – since then. Serious sites, business sites, dysfunctional sites (yes, ok – we know who we are) or maybe sites just devoted to grumpy cats. So I thought I would have a sit down and decide which sites I thought had brought us the most enjoyment, functionality, performance or just wasted our precious time over the last thirty years.

Our Bearkeeper

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Eddie pictured on the beach in Egypt!

Our new friend, Nikki, has been asking how we look after ourselves and who gives us our pocket money? I thought it was about time we introduced our bearkeeper. It all started in 2006 when our friend Eddie Bear lived with a very nice man in Liverpool called Tony. Tony’s friends, Davidd and Chimpy, were going on holiday that year to Egypt. Poor Eddie had never had a holiday in his life and so Tony asked Davidd if he would take Eddie on holiday with him and take some photographs of them around the tourist attractions of Taba Heights. Unfortunately there was no room on the flight and Eddie didn’t even have a passport. The plans looked to be scuppered before they even started.

Grumpy Cat Dies

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We were all saddened today to learn of the death of Grumpy Cat, the feline famous on the internet for her permanent scowl. A statement from her owners says she died on Tuesday following complications from a recent urinary tract infection. The cat from Arizona had “helped millions of people smile”. Grumpy, whose real name was Tardar Sauce, went viral in 2012 after photographs of her sour expression emerged online. Her image quickly spread as a meme.

Hello World

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Iwould like to start this first post on the Renault Bears’ site by telling you who I am and why we are here. Firstly, my name is Edward and I am a teddy bear. Our main internet home is over at Jammy Toast, where we have loads of fun and love chatting to our friends from all around the world. Our main website is run using WordPress and uses the X Theme made by the wonderful people at Theme.co. Theme.co have recently brought out an updated, improved version of the X Theme called Pro, which we are interested to experiment with and perhaps upgrade Jammy Toast to use Pro. However, before we do that, we want to try it out on something less “mission critical” than our main website. So that is why this site was deployed – good word, I like “deployed”.