Razzi’s Girlies #1

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Razzi pictured with his special friend; Pookie.

Hello everyone, Razzi here and I thought it was time to start my favourite column off here on the Renault Bears website – my Girlie Column. If there is one thing I am interested in, it is girlies. So what better column to have than one dedicated to my favourite girlies. If you are reading this for the first time, then please don’t think that I am a sexist bear, I am not. I am very polite to girlies no matter what species they are but I do think that human girlies are very beautiful. Bear girlies on the other hand… well if you have seen on bear, you have seen them all.

None Of My Business

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One of the reasons I was made up when everyone decided to start our very own, bear only blog is I get to pick any music video I like. On Jammy Toast if I asked Flat Eric to play a Cher Lloyd video he’d say, “No way, what a load of rubbish!” It was always his way, or the highway where music was concerned because he used to be a big star. So here is a bit of Cher with None of My Business. The song is featured on her third album which is currently untitled. The song is Cher’s first single in two years and incorporates “breezy production courtesy of Hitimpulse” and lyrically features Lloyd making it “very clear that she has moved on from a former flame”.

Hi, My Name Is Razzi

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Razzi pictured with his little mate, Pookie.

Hi everyone, my name is Erasmus Bear – or Razzi for short. Seeing as Eddie introduced himself yesterday, it seems only fair that I have my own go at letting everyone know who I am. I am the bear who most people refer to as the “bad” bear. This is just because they only look skin deep. They see a bear who likes girlies and maybe the odd little titbits of internet bear-porn but deep-down I am a kind and loving bear. It is difficult to describe what I am really like because I am not as clever as Edward and don’t find words easy to come by. I also find it very difficult to type because I have paws, but I try my best.