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Hello everyone, my name is Egginanoo Bear and I have been selected to contribute to Renault Bears. Edward has said I can have my own regular posts to feature my artwork. Personally, I think he just couldn’t be bothered finding anything to write about every day and so decided he needed a scape goat, but I am still pleased about it. I love drawing and it really was great when I used to draw for Jammy Toast when many people would say such nice things about my work. It does get difficult though, because once everyone compliments my drawings then I have to try even harder next time to produce even better drawings.

The way I work is to get our Bearkeeper to take photographs with his phone while he is out an about. I then get the chance to pick the best of them and draw them. I particularly like drawing buildings because I think I have an eye for detail. Old churches and grand buildings in particular are very difficult to draw because of all the fine details – these are the things I like drawing the most, though.

I will pop up from time-to-time here on Renault Bears with some additional drawings I have done and these will also be added to a Gallery. I hope you enjoy looking at my drawings and if you can think of anything you would like me to draw then just drop me a line and let me know.


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I am the artistic bear. I arrived at the Jammy Toast in a cardboard box which was too small for me, which wasn't a very nice way to arrive. I have an eye for art and so they made me responsible for the artwork and design here at Renault Bears and over on Jammy Toast. I am also a girlie so they make me write about female issues too…

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