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Razzi pictured with his little mate, Pookie.

Hi everyone, my name is Erasmus Bear – or Razzi for short. Seeing as Eddie introduced himself yesterday, it seems only fair that I have my own go at letting everyone know who I am. I am the bear who most people refer to as the “bad” bear. This is just because they only look skin deep. They see a bear who likes girlies and maybe the odd little titbits of internet bear-porn but deep-down I am a kind and loving bear. It is difficult to describe what I am really like because I am not as clever as Edward and don’t find words easy to come by. I also find it very difficult to type because I have paws, but I try my best.

You know it’s funny but since I started writing on Jammy Toast, I have been looking back at some of the things we have done over the years. Initially we used to have the odd post on the Queen’s Blog which was mostly concerning the activities of Eddie and his friends over at Chimptown HQ. We used to get a few comments from friends and family before we moved over to our own Blog on Blogger. We then introduced things like Friday Video Nights and other little competitions between The Queen, The Chimpton and The Bearkeeper. This brought in more people who joined the fray and we eventually outgrew the confines of Blogger.

That was when we discovered the joys of self-hosted WordPress which brings us to today where it is a full-time job for Edward keeping the Jammy Toast and Renault Bears sites running. Little did The Bearkeeper or The Queen think on that boring Sunday back in 2006 when, trying to think of something to stave off the boredom, they thought they would start a little blog.

From small acorns do mighty oak trees grow!

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Erasmus 'Razzi' Bear

Self-confessed playbear and lady-killer; Razzi has the heart of many of our friends at his beck and call. Although very hard working in his daytime job as an Assistant Driving Instructor, he also likes to play very hard when the day is done. A smouldering look from Razzi has been known to melt many a fair maiden’s icy heart!

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