Razzi’s Girlies #1

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Razzi pictured with his special friend; Pookie.

Hello everyone, Razzi here and I thought it was time to start my favourite column off here on the Renault Bears website – my Girlie Column. If there is one thing I am interested in, it is girlies. So what better column to have than one dedicated to my favourite girlies. If you are reading this for the first time, then please don’t think that I am a sexist bear, I am not. I am very polite to girlies no matter what species they are but I do think that human girlies are very beautiful. Bear girlies on the other hand… well if you have seen on bear, you have seen them all.

So it seems like a double great idea for a column to me because, firstly I don’t have to think of loads of complicated words to write and secondly, I get to look at loads of pictures of my favourite girlie people. Don’t get too excited though because really all this means is that from time to time, or when no one else can think of anything better to write, I will post something to try to keep you all entertained. So today here is Rebecca Ryan…

Rebecca Ryan

Rebecca Ryan.

She hasn’t half grown up a lot since she was little Debbie Gallagher!

Bear With Me Strip

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