Our Bearkeeper

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Eddie pictured on the beach in Egypt!

Our new friend, Nikki, has been asking how we look after ourselves and who gives us our pocket money? I thought it was about time we introduced our bearkeeper. It all started in 2006 when our friend Eddie Bear lived with a very nice man in Liverpool called Tony. Tony’s friends, Davidd and Chimpy, were going on holiday that year to Egypt. Poor Eddie had never had a holiday in his life and so Tony asked Davidd if he would take Eddie on holiday with him and take some photographs of them around the tourist attractions of Taba Heights. Unfortunately there was no room on the flight and Eddie didn’t even have a passport. The plans looked to be scuppered before they even started.

Great Uncle Bimbo Remembers #1

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Robbs Department Store situated opposite Pykes and the Army & Navy Stores.

Everyone else seems to be using their first post to introduce themselves to this here interweb thing, but I hate talking about myself, so I will break the tradition and get on with my first post. However, I suppose I better quickly tell you that I am Bimbo and as you can no doubt tell from my photo, I am not a bona-fide Renault Bear. I am in fact a Chilton Bear but I have been made an honorary Renault Bear by the other Renault Bears. That is because they consider me to be their Great Uncle because I am old and wise. I grew up with The Bearkeeper and remember many things from years and years ago. That is usually what I write my posts about. Anything else about me you will no doubt pick up as we move along.